Trying Kindle Books With Free Reader Software

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A lot of folks have been asking me about Kindles lately, so I thought I’d offer y’all a “try it before you buy it approach” to anyone interested in Kindle ebooks.
I’ve personally tried pdf ebooks ( and other niche/independant ebook sellers), vooks (purchased and downloaded through iTunes), and kindle ebooks (  (I’ve not had the need to try Barnes and Noble’s ebook format as yet.) 
Personally, I read all of these ebooks on my desktop, laptop, and iPhone.  I don’t own an actual ebook reader.  I just downloaded the software for my PC and iPhone.  You can do the same for the iPad, other tablets, and other smartphones, too.
Trying Kindle Books With Free Reader Software
(without purchasing a dedicated Kindle device)
…for your PC.  Just google “download kindle reader” and follow the links/instructions.  Once installed, open the Kindle reader software and log in using your account.

…for your iPhone, go to the App Store and search for Kindle.  The app from AMZN Mobile LLC (with the icon of a kid sitting under a tree reading) is free to download and install.  After installing, open the app and log in using your account.

Purchase Kindle Books:
  • Go to (or use the link in your reader to go to and log in to your account.You can use the Department link for Kindle>Kindle Books to browse available Kindle books, or you can search for the book you want to purchase.  (Look for the “Kindle Edition” rather than the hardback, paperback, audio, etc.)
  • Before you click “Buy now with 1-Click,” select the device where you’d like to read the book.  (It doesn’t really matter if you select iPhone or PC.  You can download and read the book on both devices.  It’s just easier to select the most convenient device first.)
  • You can also “Try it free” if you want to download a sample of the book to read before you purchase the entire book.

Download and Read Your Book:
  • Once you’ve purchased your Kindle book, open the Kindle Reader software.
  • Download/sync your purchases.
  • Enjoy reading your new book.

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  1. Barbie Crafts

    Very good information…I do own a Kindle…but can access the ebooks from anywhere.