Silk Purse from a Spider’s Butt or Children of the Cotton

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Well, a spider’s butt makes more sense than the sow’s ear thing!   …and even the movie trailer for Children of the Corn creeped me out as a kid.  Creepy, weird, and October definitely put me in a rare frame of mind, but it’s the cotton that started all this!

The cotton fields on the road home had me thinking about people and their strange objections to materials made from “living” things.  Honestly, neither a sow’s ear or anything from a spider’s butt sound particularly like something I want to hang from my shoulder, but I do dearly love cotton.  …anyone else remember the first time you made that connection between that white, prickly stuff in the fields and the majority of the clothing on our bodies?  J

I thought for a while that the folks who objected to materials made from “living” things must surely, just be talking about animal products, right?  Fur, leather, …things traditionally gathered when “killing” something that moves and makes noise on its own.  …right? 
I’m not so sure now.  …totally avoiding the whole soul and sentience issues, I keep thinking about the “moving” part.  …and it’s starting to creep me out.
Plants DO move in reaction to sun, water, etc., and I’ve SEEN a venus fly trap, thank you very much!  I can think of quite a few articles of clothing that I would NOT want constructed of venus fly trap!  …or poison ivy.  (((shudder!)))

Maybe it’s Halloween in the air, but now, all I keep thinking about is a campy movie about all our clothes coming back to life!  Can anyone picture Attack of the Killer Cotton Balls?
Maybe I just need a nap.

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