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NewYorican is a slice of life memoir 180 degrees from apple pie and Andy Griffith.

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It’s a rare memoir that catches my attention. It’s even rarer that one grabs my attention enough to read, but the author’s story couldn’t be more different from my own safe, sweet southern memories. I think that’s why it fascinated me page after page.

The author’s detailed accounts of his personal, and iconic social experiences lead readers from abandonment, culturally related religion, familial dysfunction, and the eighties…in New York, no less. …and Puerto Rico. Sex, drugs, dancing, partying, guns, cars, fighting, family, and fear are all part of this incredible life most only know in tiny parts.

As riveting as the story is, there are just some things in life that most of us may want to know “about”…but would really rather not know from “experience.”

Thanks for the virtual experiences shared in your book, Mr. Cruz. I wouldn’t have survived half of them beyond the written words.

For folks wondering why I gave 4 stars instead of 5, have no fear. I absolutely do recommend NewYorican to anyone who enjoys “slice of life” memoirs. There are a few issues with grammar/spelling that keep it from the perfection of 5 stars, and there are a few gaps/missing pieces in some of the stories. Considering the author was a 7th grade dropout (though highly self-educated) and some story details should probably remain unwritten, I can certainly forgive these tiny issues and still recommend the book. I just can’t score it a perfect 5. This solid 4 is definitely worth the read.

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