Once Upon a Time and/or Grimm

Posted October 28th, 2011 by cdclocks@gmail.com

Well, this is one of the easiest comparison/contrasts I’ve ever done.  …two new fall shows based on fairy tales/stories.  …two very different pilots.  The bottom line comparison is as easy as asking which Florida theme park you prefer…Disney or Universal?  Yep.  They’re THAT distinct.

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time is all about the fantasy and the magic…no surprise since Disney owns ABC.  J  It’s not totally Disneyfied, but it’s close enough to enjoy the references… 
  • Apple cider
  • Whistle While you Work overheard in the jail scene with Grumpy
  • Archibald Hopper aka (also known as) Jiminy Cricket
  • Mr. Gold aka Rumplestiltskin (who could spin straw into gold)

Of course, since Kitsis and Horowitz are involved, I expect multiple references to Tron: Legacy and Lost, too.  …and I’m really looking forward to figuring out which character was originally which.  🙂  Anyone figure out the Sheriff’s original character yet?


Grimm is, well… grim.  …darker.  …more focused on how the creatures fit/adapt/hide in “the real world.”  That doesn’t really surprise me much.  The original Grimm’s Fairy Tales were pretty dark.   Instead of the characters cursed with ignorance of the truth in Once Upon a Time, in Grimm, only the members of the Grimm family can see the mythical and malevolent for who they really are. 

LOL.  Sorry.  It’s just too funny.  …characters cursed with ignorance of the truth…and all those apple references.  LOL!!!!

BUT, the cool factors and visuals in Grimm alone will keep me watching.  The names, details, and potential for some very cool and unique characters are all pros for this show. 


The Airstream trailer could be a character, itself…if it weren’t so annoyingly “loose.” 

(Anyone who’s EVER used a trailer knows that everything has to have a secure spot.  Come on!  The desk chair has wheels!!!  …and when Nick sat at the desk, something immediately wobbled from even that mild impact.  Yeah.  LOVE the Airstream.  …NOT buying the interior stuff.  …Cool, but not buyin’ it.)

There have been some decently cool references in the pilot of Grimm, but they haven’t been nearly as funny as the references in Once.
  • The house across the stream
  • The bridge
  • The girls with red hoods
  • Crying wolf
  • The song, Sweet Dreams

The Books


For another clear comparison/contrast – both shows even have “a book.”  Again, there are very distinct differences.  The book in Once Upon a Time is a color storybook chronicling the fairy tales of all the characters trapped in the modern world of Storybrooke, Maine.  The “book” in Grimm is a hand-written and drawn collection of images and information of all the stuff the Grimm family might see.

The Choice

Mine is to watch both, duh.  Clearly, however, I’m a Disney girl, so I’m strongly drawn to Once.  I really can’t wait to see the series progress and see what references pop up each week.  J  As for Grimm, I do think it will be a cool show, but given the choice between the adventure of Universal or the magic of Disney, I’m going with the magic.  How about you?  

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  1. Barbie Crafts

    Very interesting analysis…I did not catch either one…will have to try to . Very thoughtful TV watching..I like that!