Kohl’s, Dollar General, and MAPCO Help Alabama After Tornados

Posted May 1st, 2011 by cdclocks@gmail.com
In my last post, I noted that just one day of a Facebook/word-of-mouth/drive-by campaign to collect bottled water for the victims and workers responding to the recent tornado outbreak collected and distributed 162 cases and 82 jugs of water

A large part of that collection is attributed to the generosity of local stores and merchants.  They very much deserve recognition and appreciation for thier assistance.

Near the collection point, as people drove by, they stopped at local stores to buy water to donate.  As they made purchases, they mentioned the purpose to employees and fellow shoppers.  Word spread quickly.

The local Dollar General helped spread the word of the collection point just down the road.  MAPCO posted a sign promoting the collection and sent employees down with multiple cases to donate.  Rumor has it that both stores ran out of cases of water as shoppers jumped at the chance to help. 

After hearing about the collection from customers, the local Kohl’s also contributed multiple cases of water and offerred the services of employees and a monetary grant provided by one of Kohl’s MANY programs to help local communities.   

To say the least, we were all moved by the utter generosity of the individuals and businesses jumping to assist.  I know water sales had to help these businesses a bit, but they’ve earned even more appreciation than that from me. 

Even during the response, life goes on, and I had the small pleasure of picking up a birthday gift today.  The item I was looking for is actually sold by various local merchants, but when it came time to pick a seller, I gladly chose Kohl’sThe least I can do is return the loyalty and care they’ve shown.  Similarly, I will continue to happily do business with the Dollar General, and just guess where I plan to buy gas next time. 

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