Jodie Foster Coming Out at the Golden Globes?

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So, was Jodi Foster’s acceptance of the Cecil B. Demille Award a “coming out” speech or was it just a normal acceptance speech that happened to include references to people and events that were semi-public/private?

Thoughts from Belly Acres, Alabama:

Dunno, folks.  Down here in ‘bama, we don’t really think about a person’s lifestyle preferences until the subject comes up in conversation.

‘bama Example

For example, at the company Christmas party… “Oh, hi.  Meet my coworker Bob and his partner, Dale.”  Even then, the subject may not go any further since “partner” could mean a few different things.  Usually, we just absorb the statement and realize that it could mean an alternative lifestyle.  Ok.  Good to know.

Now, if the person(s) involved in the conversation happen to want to talk about their alternative lifestyle… well, that’s okay, too.  Conversations can go many ways.  🙂

Overall, though, unless the subject is brought up specifically to let people know and/or to encourage discussing, ’round here, we pretty much assume your lifestyle is similar to our own and don’t nose into your business any further.

If the subject never comes up, most folks around here just don’t think about it too much.  A person is a person regardless of what he or she does with adult consent in his or her own home.  Does anyone really think folks should know the preferences of every person encountered in life?  …doctor, lawyer, school teacher, police officer, waiter, cook, actor, athlete, author, artist?  Does it matter?

Jodie Foster’s Speech at the Golden Globe Awards:

We’re not bellyachin’ ’bout this in Belly Acres, Alabama

Not that it mattered at all to me, but I didn’t know that Jodi Foster lived a “nontraditional” lifestyle.  It’s still okay, and it still doesn’t matter.  I can’t say that I ever really wondered or cared.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love Jodi Foster’s work.  This latest media noise just prompted me to check my video cabinet to find (horror of horrors) that I did not currently own a copy of Candleshoe  one of my favorite Jodi Foster movies.

Thank you, Amazon.  Candleshoe can be in my DVD player within a couple of days or streaming online in a matter of minutes.  Cool.

I do love Jodi Foster’s work.  I can’t really say whether or not I like Jodi Foster, the person or not.  I don’t know her.  I know her work and her characters.  I also know some trivial facts about her career, but I’ve never met her.

As a fan, I would like to meet her someday, but whether I meet her or not, I’m still going to enjoy watching Candleshoe, Freaky Friday, Silence of the Lambs, Maverick, Contact, Ana and the King, Panic Room, and Nim’s Island.

Because her work is so stellar, I believe she must have a pretty awesome personality to do so much and bring her roles to life so well.  Yeah.  I’d like to meet her, but though this latest speech is currently trending in the media, I have to say, any questions I might have about this speech are so far down the totem pole of interesting aspects of Jodie Foster, I doubt I’d even bring the subject up in conversation.  Which means, in ‘bama understanding, that it’ll pretty much be ignored in favor of other topics.  🙂

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