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Going and Growing

June 9th, 2011

Between moving, a new job (well, an old job, but with new clients), and class homework, there’s been little time to blog around Belly Acres.  There are certain perks to all the changes, though.  Spring time brings out the cuddly critters.  🙂

Well, okay.  Not really, but I’m workin’ on it. Y’all know I’m not much for entering contests, but THIS one is special.  Joshilyn Jackson, author of Gods in Alabama is running a contest for the remaining fox figurines she had her brother create, originally, as gifts for people at her publishing house and the booksellers […]

The Donate and Drive ‘Dega fundraiser Mother’s Day weekend raised a lot of adrenaline while raising a lot of money for the Red Cross / Alabama Tornado Victims. The weekend event allowed folks to donate and drive the track, or be driven around the track by Jeffrey Earnhardt in the Camaro SS pace care OR in your own vehicle.  […]

I love the internet.  All the connections are simply amazing.  For example, this Easter, I have a friend from high school who is making an italian cream cake (one of my hubby’s family recipies).  She’s using a cake plate my mom gave her as a wedding present years ago, and the recipe is online in a […]

We at Belly Acres have become quite fascinated by shopdogsam’s YouTube videos, especially his cooking videos.  With Easter fast approaching, we HAD to try these deep fried boiled eggs. So, the verdict?  We LOVE shopdogsam’s videos.  …battered, deep fried, hard boiled eggs?  …not so much.  Give ’em a shot if you want.  It was certainly […]

Sweet!  Most public libraries have been offering downloadable ebooks and audiobooks for several years now.  The main problems have been device compatibility and interface/format.  Now, it looks like Amazon is bringing Kindle into the equation.   Again, sweet!  See the article on Mashable, here –>Amazon to Bring Ebook Lending to Local Libraries. We’ll have to wait […]

The Apple i Is Watching You

April 20th, 2011

So, a lot of folks are responding differently to the iPhone tracking feature.  It seems that the iPhone logs locations (without telling it to) either through GPS or passively through cell tower triangulation.  The data is also stored in iPhone backups when you sync it to your computer.  See iSpy Conspiracy: Your iPhone Is Secretly […]

Oh, this just HAS to go to the top of the Easter activities list!  Fun!!!

Well, maybe not “define,” but I do think our favorite childhood books influence us throughout life.  Apparently, FlavorWire does, too.  Read the article, here. Of course, FlavorWire’s is not a comprehensive list.  (That could be a book by itself.)  I did find a couple of things interesting, though. 1.  My Favorite on the List. The […]

No Shutdown images are flying all over Facebook, but this one is my absolute favorite.