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Seriously?  I’ve got a yard sale coming up, so I’ve priced, tagged, sorted, taken pictures, posted pictures, written copy and posted it on Craigslist and in our local Buy Sell Bulletin.  I also emailed the local paper about placing an ad since the website only gave a phone number.  GET THIS.  The local paper…which is […]

We at Belly Acres have become quite fascinated by shopdogsam’s YouTube videos, especially his cooking videos.  With Easter fast approaching, we HAD to try these deep fried boiled eggs. So, the verdict?  We LOVE shopdogsam’s videos.  …battered, deep fried, hard boiled eggs?  …not so much.  Give ’em a shot if you want.  It was certainly […]

I love playing with the dog.  I love watching the dog play with his toys.  What I can’t believe is that his favorite TOY is a $1.50 microfiber hand-shaped cleaning mitt from the Dollar General Store.  

Will my next computer be a really, REALLY, old one?  …sort of? Honestly, I thought the NYTimes was pulling my leg on this one, but Commodore USA REALLY is marketing a new Commodore 64.  They’re going with the very early AND latest trend of all-in-one desk-saving boxes with the retro look of the original Commodore […]

Flood Light at McDonalds?

April 1st, 2011

Okay.  This is one for the “Really? Seriously?” category.  There is a giant flood light/search light flashing back and forth across the night sky near Belly Acres.  To say the least, this is NOT a common occurrence.  When one of those obnoxious attention-getting distractors DOES appear, it’s usually to promote/draw attention to a car show…a car […]

3rd attorney wants off Auburn tree-poisoning case <—- Anniston Star/Associated Press Story Bwahahahahaha!  Really?  What Alabama attorney would WANT to defend Harvey Updyke Jr, accused tree poisoner of the Toomer’s Corner oak trees? The first two attorneys withdrew citing conflicts…association or family association with Auburn.  This third attorney cites an “irreconcilable conflict” between him and the […]

Really?  Seriously?  I really thought the first time I read this Facebook post, that it was a joke. Then, I clicked the link to the story. Holy cow!  …and these are folks in our community!  AAhhhhh-ite porch pickers, hide them car keys.  …ain’t nobody borrowing nor lending a vehicle for a while unless it’s […]

Really?  Your football fandom made you do it?  Because of a college football rivalry, your team pride (devil made you do it) inspired you to not only destroy someone else’s property, but to poison live oak trees that were 130+ years old.  Seriously? Destruction of property is just “slow-in-the-head” stupid.  You just don’t do that.  […]

First question for the front porch…have you seen the Family Feud clip asking for something that gets passed around? Secondly, which answer would you have given?…one of the 8?…one of the 4? …or one of the other 88 percent who answered something else? …and what exactly were the other survey answers???