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June 7th, 2014

In response to the Slate Book Review Against YA mentioning “…you should feel embarrassed when what you’re reading was written for children.” Bologna. 1. I’m a firm believer that unless a person has a legitimate impediment, EVERYONE can enjoy reading IF he or she discovers WHAT he or she enjoys.   The beauty of reading is […]

Bands battle.  Rappers battle.   Athletes battle.  …why not writers?   Next time you catch a battle on tv or on YouTube, take a look at the audience.  Solid moves draw cheers, and particularly painful jabs prod onlookers to cringe.    I certainly appreciate a good bout, but I didn’t think I’d be oohing, ouching, wincing, […]

Do, or don’t.  Support, or dissent.  It’s totally your choice, but I’m letting my mathematical nazi write this blog post (close cousin to my internal grammar nazi). It’s bad enough trying to figure out all the red and pink symbols popping up in profile pics all over social media, but even when you figure out […]

So, was Jodi Foster’s acceptance of the Cecil B. Demille Award a “coming out” speech or was it just a normal acceptance speech that happened to include references to people and events that were semi-public/private? Thoughts from Belly Acres, Alabama: Dunno, folks.  Down here in ‘bama, we don’t really think about a person’s lifestyle preferences […]

Be an Informed Voter I’m certainly not going to tell you who or how you should vote, but I am going to tell you, it’s a whole lot smarter to take a look at the ballot before you arrive at your polling place.In addition to the Federal offices, state, and local offices, ballots also include […]

QR Code marketing has certainly grown in popularity and checking them out with our smartphones has become a really cool scavenger hunt game.  Today, however, it’s obvious that QR Code marketing has gone bananas.  Literally, I found a QR Code ON my banana today. If you’re interested in making your own QR Codes and using […]

Yes.  I really do mean “stupid.” No.  I don’t normally just blurt out “stupid kid.”  Kids are kids and they do really strange things that don’t necessarily make them stupid, but even kids have to live in the real world of socially acceptable behavior. In this case, the stupid kid really was stupid.  I have […]

Wow.  The lender essentially bought back the 55 story tower at $250 million when the previous buyer couldn’t pay the mortgage at the 2006 purchase price of $436 million.The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has the full story here.

Bologna.  I read through that 79 page bill.  Ironically, all 79 pages are online at We already HAVE laws regarding all the “issues” addressed in this bill.  …and despite all the definitions, terms, liability, actions, etc., the entire bill is actually VERY vague.  Legal documents that define a lot, but don’t spell out concrete […]

Nice Skin … Polyurethane?

October 14th, 2011

Yeah.  Note to self: do not apply polyurethane in the dark. …and in answer to your question…  Yes, I did. The short of it is that I have 20+ small wooden projects that I need to complete tomorrow, but they needed a coat of polyurethane first.  Well, rather than laying them flat, spraying from one […]