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Bands battle.  Rappers battle.   Athletes battle.  …why not writers?   Next time you catch a battle on tv or on YouTube, take a look at the audience.  Solid moves draw cheers, and particularly painful jabs prod onlookers to cringe.    I certainly appreciate a good bout, but I didn’t think I’d be oohing, ouching, wincing, […]

Since code is not my greatest strength, this one took me a while to figure out.  With some help from search engines, forums, and some awesome blogging friends, we found all the spots to change in the Simplefolio WordPress theme to change the colors of the Heading and Navigation Button fonts.   With the instructions below, […]

A lot of folks have been asking me about Kindles lately, so I thought I’d offer y’all a “try it before you buy it approach” to anyone interested in Kindle ebooks. I’ve personally tried pdf ebooks ( and other niche/independant ebook sellers), vooks (purchased and downloaded through iTunes), and kindle ebooks (  (I’ve not had […]

So, using Camtasia is easy, but do you have any idea how confusing it can be trying to USE Camtasia to record USING Camtasia?  Ooof!  For a short video, this one took a little more time to create than I expected.  🙂  I did jot down a script for this video project, so I have a […]

For all my writer, blogger, and techno-geek friends out there…  I’ve been using the Simple Folio WordPress theme on a niche site I’m still developing.  In the process, I needed to match the fonts from the WP theme to some print/pdf files for the site.  Specifically, I needed the Museo font.  Since it took me […]