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Be an Informed Voter I’m certainly not going to tell you who or how you should vote, but I am going to tell you, it’s a whole lot smarter to take a look at the ballot before you arrive at your polling place.In addition to the Federal offices, state, and local offices, ballots also include […]

No doubt, we southerners love country life, and generally, we like country music, but in the tradition of The Lacs, our country boys are also bringing our sweet southern home with a hip hop/rap beat.  “Country Road,” from The Lacs album, Country Boy’s Paradise rocks the lyrics we all know by heart… “Country Road, take […]

You Don’t Know Dixie

August 27th, 2011

LOL!!!!  I just finished watching You Don’t Know Dixie on the History channel.  I actually did catch a few things I didn’t already know, but the majority of it is stuff we’ve been trying to explain to non-southerners for years.  …just normal life for us.  🙂 …neat approach, too.  There are video clips from well-known […]

Cathartic Tunes and Tones

March 1st, 2011

Yep.  We all have THOSE days.  …just want to pop in a CD, drive, and leave all our cares behind.  I actually made a list of my favorite “Get Over It” songs on LM5 and some of the best reasons to play them LOUD.  After a friend’s Facebook post today, however, I’m thinking that certain […]

Kickin’ Up Mud!!!

February 28th, 2011

What an absolutely beautiful day in Belly Acres!  The boys were definitely out kickin’ up mud today!  …well, dust and dirt clods.  …hasn’t rained a lot lately.  🙂If you haven’t seen the music video for The Lacs’s “Kickin’ Up Mud,” you’ll enjoy this link to the official video.  If you like the song as much […]

Wow.  Nothing will date a girl more than trying to pick up the old high school horn after 20+ years.  After only a few years, I, like many of my poverty-stricken college classmates, sold my high school band instruments.  I’ve regretted it ever since…at least, I regret selling “the one.” Over the years, I thought […]