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We’re all feeling pretty helpless after the destruction of the recent tornado outbreak.  Even for those of us lucky enough to escape the major damage, our families, friends, and communities need our help, and we’re all looking for ways to contribute.  Personally, we’ve been helping friends and local groups collecting water for the victims and […]

I’m asking fellow Alabama citizens to help us protect our public water ways and divers by requesting support from State Senators for HB-104…the bill to modify terminology for legal clarifications. I’m not sure if everyone can see the Note I posted on Facebook about this, but here’s the link to the note:!/notes/sherry-fraser-snider/alabama-citizens-support-hb-104/10150579354345235 It gives […]

Oh, this just HAS to go to the top of the Easter activities list!  Fun!!!

You gotta love TNT late night.  Though, as I’m thoroughly enjoying Last Holiday (with Queen Latifah), the irony is not lost on me when the corner splash ad announces The Bucket List scheduled for Tuesday at 9 EST. Um. …is there something I don’t know?  Both of these movies are fabulous, feel-good flicks about seizing […]

Let’s face it.  There are snakes in the country.  Belly Acres is no exception.  During a front porch conversation with a friend who lives in Florida, we started talking about what people had been doing lately to get rid of the snakes.  I listed out all the ways I could think of to get rid […]

Beyond the hearty green festivities of Saint Patrick’s Day, March actually contains more days of celebration than many may know.  …and regardless of one’s heritage, there are at least 5 days in March providing motive for merriment. Saint Patrick’s Day – Irish Pi Day – Greek The Ides of March – Roman Daylight Savings Time […]

Ok.  I can’t help it.  Some folks read trashy romance novels.  Some read tabloids.  My guilty pleasure recently has been  …can’t help it.  …get posts from ’em on facebook and just can’t HELP reading them.  LOL! It’s a bit irreverent, so if you’re easily offended, I don’t recommend the site for you.  For those […]