Book Review – 101 Tips for Traveling with a Vampire

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Quick read, lots of snickering J

101 Tips for Traveling with a Vampire by Joleene Naylor is exactly what the author describes in the book’s listing description.  It’s short.  It’s a list of 101 tips for travelling with a vampire.  It’s free.

It’s also a cute little companion book, written in the voice of Katelina, a character in the actual author’s novels in the Amaranthine seriesIn fact, many of the snarky tips refer directly to Katelina, Jorick, and events from the novels.

Many of the tips are also snarky on a general principle…well, unless you really want to point fingers and name names about certain “sparkley” vampire falsehoods.

If you like Vampire stories or the Amaranthine series, in particular, you WILL enjoy this short jocular companion book…especially if you like quick, giggley/snickering, lists of humorous tips.

Hey, it is what is claimed to be, and it was amusing.  AND it was free. 

If you were expecting anything else…like a full-blown Vampire Travel for Dummies with loads of logistical details…you didn’t read the description.  J

For exactly what it was…short, list, free, cute, humorous companion to other stories…It’s a solid 4.  …could be a 5, but a little more transition to show a few more specific tie-ins…maybe a little more backstory…could have been 5. 

But even at a 4 – Come on.  It’s free.  Spend a few minutes.  You’ll get some grins and giggles from 101 Tips for Travelingwith a Vampire by Joleene Naylor and may become curious about the Amaranthine series.  For any reader who likes humorous vampire stories, I DO recommend 101 Tips forTraveling with a Vampire.

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