A Call for Colloquial Humor – lookin’ for funny phrases and sayin’s

Posted February 3rd, 2013 by cdclocks@gmail.com

Collecting Colloquialisms – Fun / Funny / Punny Colloquialisms

I’ve started collecting funny colloquialisms (local sayings and phrases) that tickle our funny bones around the camp fire, at the pub, or just during friendly conversation.  

Wanna Help Me Brainstorm?  

I have collected quite a few funny colloquialisms already, but they’re mostly southern-ish. I’d appreciate reminders of the many I know I’ve forgotten, and I’d love to hear some new ones that aren’t necessarily “southern.”  …though, you might have to explain some of them to me if they’re not southern.  

I’m listing a handful of the colloquialisms, sayings, and phrases I’ve already gathered as examples below.  …clean examples.  (Quite a few catch  phrases we tend to hear from our friends have much stronger language, but I figured I should keep the posted examples rated G.  🙂 )

There are quite a few hum-dingers in these YouTube videos, too.  (We DO love to play with words.)

I am certainly open to all kinds of fun/pun word play and clever quips of any rating (G-R).  I’m looking for any and all of the funny colloquialisms I have not yet collected, so bring ’em on!  🙂  …though, again, you might have to explain some of them to me if “I ain’t from around there.”

Michigan friends had to explain one local colloquialism to me already.  Unless you know that Michiganders use their hands to represent a map of Michigan, the colloquialism didn’t make much since.  Knowing about the hand/map thing made the phrase funny. 

A Handful of Examples – Fun/Funny Colloquialisms, Sayings, Phrases:

  • …so sweet, it’d bring a tear to a glass eye
  • Colder than a well-digger’s hind end
  • …few bricks shy of a load
  • I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck.
  • Madder than an old wet hen
  • Ill as a hornet
  • Finer than frog hair
  • He’s about as useless as a screen door on a submarine.
  • Nervous as a long –tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs
  • Like shoveling sand with a slotted spoon
  • It’s a gully washer out there.
  • Purty as a speckled pup
  • It’s down yonder a ways as the crow flies
  • Grinnin’ like a possum
  • Happy as a clam
  • No flies on you
  • Draw more flies with honey than with vinegar

Where To Add Your Two Cents/Favorite Funny Colloquialisms

Feel free to post your favorites in the comments below, to social media links to this article (Facebook, for example), or to PM (Private Message) me through Facebook or reach me by email if your example(s) lean more toward an R rating.  😉

Help Add to My Colloquialism Collection And Make Us All Laugh

Whatcha got?  What colorful language do you use or hear when you’re having a beer at the pub or gossiping at the family reunion?  

What have you heard that made you stop, laugh, and say “I know that one!”?  

What have you heard that made you stop and ask “Say what?,” “Do what?,” “Come again?,” or “What the heck does that mean?”

Again, you can submit your favorites by posting to the comments below this blog post.  You can also comment on social media links to this blog post and tag me (like Facebook). You can also PM me through Facebook or reach me by email if you’d rather not post publicly.

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